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Stop self-suppressing and start being who you truly are on a core level.

Not only to live a soul-nourishing life with soul-nourishing relationships and experiences...

...but to be and create the change you want to see in the world. 

For you who want to reconnect with, restore and reclaim suppressed parts of yourself. But the challenge is, because self-suppression has been your survival strategy, it you stop doing it, it feels like you’re gonna, well not survive.

Does this sound like you?

You've experienced that being your True, full self leads to rejection, ridicule, rubbing others the wrong way. You fear being persecuted, prosecuted, judged guilty and punished for standing in your full power. You fear that your power will (accidentally) cause others harm. These fears are lodged in your subconscious, running how you think, feel, what you choose, how you act and how you cope, preventing you from both receiving and creating what really makes your soul come alive.

You're a big hearted person, with bucket loads of compassion. In order to be accepted, for others to feel good about themselves and to add value to the world you dim your light, you self-suppress and play small. Nothing is more painful for you than others feeling pain. So you've taken on the identity and the archetype of the unconditionally loving mother, caretaker, with no needs of your own, with unlimited capacity to give and give and give. This serves two purposes: 

1. Providing unconditional love and compassion which you know is healing for others. 

2. The archetype is accepted by the world, making you feel safe and included. 

The identity has become a strain jacket. You're growing out of it and it's no longer feasible. It's costing you not only your health and wellbeing, but the life meant for you by Divine Right. This societal wounding is holding you back from living out what your soul is longing for, becoming the highest possible soul expression in the flesh and doing the work you feel in your bones that you are here to be part of.

It's not your fault. It's actually a testimony to your power, resources and resilience.

The truth is that being yourself in a world that tries to pull you in a million different directions, have a million different opinions of who you are and who you should be, is hard. Ever since you've been conceived, you've been enmeshed in surroundings that bombard you with messages about who you should be, expectations, hopes, dreams on your behalf. There's gestational trauma, generational trauma, collective trauma and historical trauma, not to mention your personal trauma.

Embodiment is the intersection between the past and the future. Social experiences are inscribed in our bodies. Generational, historical, collective, even gestational trauma shape our physical nervous structures and function. Collective experiences of being unsafe (witch hunts, racism, ableism, sexism, ageism and so forth) is literally inscribed in the human biology, serving as a survival map of who it's safe for us to be in this world. It has led to a biological fear of being who we really are, if who we really are may lead to exclusion from the pack.  When we're about to defy the status quo, in order to keep us safe, the nervous system kicks and screams to keep us from breaking out and doing our own, soul-nourishing thing. 

In whatever form you've experienced and coped with self-oppression, wether it's through addiction like work, food, consumerism, travel, even spirituality, it's not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. It's all a natural reaction to the life you've lived and the situation you're in. You are where you are based on who you've been born as, how you've been guided, shepherded, and taught to cope. It's not a bad thing. It's a testimony to your resourcefulness, strength and adaptability. Vital skills needed to not only survive, but thrive in this  world. There  are gifts hidden  in the subconscious among the fear. There are lessons, wisdom, resources to be collected, polished and put on display. The only way to gain it is to dive in. All of this will be put to good use in our work together.

In our work together, we’ll get to the root of and work through some of the core wounding that prevents you from showing up in the fullness of who you are - that's causing you to dim yourself and prevent you from having soul-nourishing relationships, work and experiences.


It's a Heroine's Journey

 where you meet yourselves completely, 

taking an honest look at where you are right now, 

observing how internalized oppression affects you

and runs your life.

It ought to scare you a little but only just, and in a good way.

It requires courage and vulnerability, above all honesty and stillness. It starts with Pure Hearted Presence - Ultimate Consciousness - that opens up a Sacred Space where you can access and transform toxic patterns - strategies for adaptation - that are quickly or slowly tearing away at you.

Facing the Oppression

can be painful, but it's worth it. By doing the work you're healing the core wound of humanity; perceiving to be separate and alone in an unsafe world. The Ego copes with the core wound by suppressing it and through feeling superior and special, which causes us to compare, condemn, oppress and maliciously compete with ourselves and others. Instead, when you face and heal the core wound within yourself, inner conflict dissolves and you find true inner peace, acknowledging and cheering others on. As you be and live out your Soul's Truth your Soul's Thread is woven into the tapestry of the collective humanity and life. You fill in your part in the whole that only you can fill. As you do so you pave the way for others to follow, by both showing it's safe and possible to attain. ​


The Health & Empowerment Coaching Experience

 Essentially, changing your perception is what changes your life.  Perception is embodied, which is why we work multi-faceted to   create an embodied shift in perception. 

What it looks like when we work Multi-Faceted

Upgrade Neurobiological Wiring
Mental Understanding

Identify oppressing perceptions you carry that create distress and stops you from going for what nourishes your Soul. 


Look for the empowering perceptions and imprint it into your subconscious. This fuels healthy choices and a healthy way of being and perceiving.


Practice discerning between beliefs you've learned from others that you can release in an instant as soon as you call it out, and what belongs to you that it's your task to grow through and out of.

Heart Capasity Emotional Intelligence

Release oppressive perceptions at an emotional level. Developing your emotional intelligence by diving deeper into and letting go of oppressed emotions that lead to avoidance coping strategies, and keep you stuck in a toxic distress patterns.  


Reconnect with parts of you you've oppressed because you at some point experienced that it's not safe to be these parts in your world. These parts have needs, talents, strengths, resources that needs to be expressed. These parts try to get your attention. They communicate with you through strong emotional reactions. Listen to what they have to say and meet their needs in a healthy way.

Energy Mastery Clearing the Clutter for Soul Creation 

Optimize your innate subtle energy healing mechanisms.

Discern between what belongs to your and what is others that you absorb and mistake for your own. Hone the skill of setting healthy boundaries with your pure energy. 

We will focus on creating equal, empathetic energy interaction in relationships that are healthy and empowering for all involved. We will work with attentiveness, respect and caring for yours and others' needs and boundaries.

Spiritual Alignment
for Potent Action

See yourself as an antennae. You need to find the right frequency to get clear news about your lifeworld's events. And even better, why it's happening, how it serves you, and what the lesson is for you to learn. Strenghten your inner guidance system - the spiritual senses, which provides true safety.

You were born with 400 traits, a unique concoction of strengths, talents, abilities, personality - combined with your personal life experiences, perspectives and wisdom. You are an individuated Soul in a human form, no one else is like you. The Universe/Source/Nature/Life/Spirit - whatever you want to call it - wants you to be that unique concoction that contributes to the whole of humanity and the universe. They want you to take joy and pride and be at peace with who you really are and actually be and do what only you can be and do in this world at this time. Exactly how it fits in, you don't need to understand, but trust and enjoy, and reap the rewards, even though some times the fruits take time to spring. 

Physical Action
to form-alize/solidify creation

Take action on those Divine Downloads, in the common tongue called inspiration, idea, insight, aha, eureka. 


Discovering when you make choices that are out of alignment with your true values and when you use avoidance coping strategies. Then course correct by choosing differently.

Create and strengthen the moment of freedom, a sacred space between trigger and response. In the moment of freedom you have can pause before going into an automatic behavior, and become aware of the different choices you have and the long term effects of the path you choose.

By working multi-faceted you create a Shift in your whole being which is the KEY to lasting change

Ingrid 28 years, Norway

By working with Helene I've received valuable help, support and guidance with what I found challenging in daily life. I've been able to articulate and become awareness of own thoughts and feelings, and have found tools that help me to achieve a better every day life - without having to make drastic lifestyle changes. It's been very giving and good conversations where I've felt valued, understood and listened to. At the same time I've had help to set goals and to work with challenges I've faced. I don't regret that I signed up for the coaching program and that I dared to care for own needs, to the best for me and all those around me everyday. 

I'm Helene

Spiritual student/teacher and Health & Empowerment Expert with

17+ Years of personal and professional training and experience

I'm here to pay forward the core knowledge and principles that will support you to use your innate resources to feel safe and free in your body and in your life to return to the core soul truth of who you are, be and live in alignment with who your Soul came her to be and spending your time doing what it came here to do.

Through needle-moving multi-faceted techniques and knowledge, unconditional love and support, I will help you develop the mindset, the capacity, the strategies and the habits that work for you so you can shed all destructive protective mechanisms, be who you truly are and live a life that is true to yourself, choosing you Soul over the Ego, establishing healthy boundaries along the way.


And then the rest - the people, the places, the work - that nourishes your soul will come into form as you're able to receive it and create it. 

My Story

Being yourself in a world that tries to pull you in a million different directions and have a million different opinions of who you are and who you should be, is hard.  I know, I've been there. At 15 years old I made a conscious choice of shutting down parts of myself that rubbed people the wrong way. Wanting more than anything for people to feel good about themselves and around me, it became my nr 1 goal to embody unconditional love. Not really sure what it was exactly people meant when they said I was a "horrible person", "arrogant bitch", I decided to shut down the parts of me that were outspoken, vivacious and confident. Ironically, at the same time I had a spiritual awakening.


Fast forward 10 years, I was happily trotting along on my spiritual journey, mastering presence and deconditioning, while wondering why doors weren't opening for me when it came to romantic love. I increasingly questioned why I never really felt nourished or fulfilled in my work; why there were a lot of energetic friction in my social relationships; why my efforts weren't reciprocated in some friendships; why I felt increasingly depleted and worried that I did something wrong.

Spoiler alert: the answer was realizing that the way to Health & Empowerment and Spiritual Enlightenment wasn't through suppressing the part of myself that I had labeled as evil. It was to see through the illusion that that part was evil, to re-integrate her and let her grow up as part of me. 

My quest for answers on how to actually, practically cope with life started when I was 17. I've dedicated the past 17 years to practice, study, understand and pay forward practical knowledge and tools to grow through and out of challenges.  

The quest led me to complete a Masters Degree in Health Science in Health & Empowerment. In my Thesis I researched how adults had used the mind-body therapy Consciousness Training to cope with their health challenges. Particularly of how spiritual principles and practices using consciousness and mind/body resources can break toxic distress cycles, and enhance restoration at the deepest level.


It's been years of Nerdism. I dove deeply into biomedical research on the mind/body connection. I went down a few rabbit holes of spiritual branches (some I've come out of and put some distance between). I fell in love with a phenomenological embodiment perspective, which I made official by becoming a Certified Professional Coach and Transformational Embodiment Facilitator. 

If your looking for 1:1 Coaching on how to experience to be safe, loved and free to be their your true self, fill out application form.

Coaching Evolved Badge-Cohort3 V02.png

MHS Health & Empowerment


The KEY Practice to Embody Health & Empowerment

It's all about Ultimate Consciousness

Ultimate Consciousness describes bringing your consciousness fully from the past and the future to the present moment, over and over again. It's a neutral observer full of curiosity and compassion. Ultimate Consciousness is a  way for you to gain access to your Embodiment. It will swirl up what’s stored and ready to be released – the toxic patterns and habits of oppression that are ready to be broken. Through Ultimate Consciousness you can re-connect with, reclaim and restore the whole truth of who you are. Embodying your wholeness (all parts of you) and being at peace with your wholeness - including comfortably expressing that in the world - leads to health. Instead of passing on the Human inheritance of Ego and Oppression, instead you do your part to pass on an inheritance of Health & Empowerment. 

In the present moment is where you release the past and the Ego. It's where you receive and create a Soul-Nourishing Future. All you really have is NOW.




Design uten navn.png

Release the past

Release the Ego

Ultimate Consciousness

Receive & create a

Soul-Nourishing future

We train your consciousness to be fully present.

From there we dive into the shadows of the subconscious so we can transmute the wounds - release the past.

Then we can move towards what you want to experience and create a Soul-Nourishing Future.

When you drop into Presence and Consciousness and work on your Embodiment a whole other way of being in the world becomes available.


You know how to move into a sacred space to access oppressive perceptions and experiences that created them.


You're able to take a neutral, observational position to examine and falsify oppressive perceptions.

You can get into a healing state that physically turns of chronic stressors and turns on innate restoration responses.

You have tools and practices to keep working with your embodiment - five facets of being.


You catch and release when people, places, situations and experiences have too much power over you. You know how to come back to your own power, to grow through and past triggers.

You're more connected, present, calm, honest and true to yourself.

You're in touch with your healthy boundaries, and you honor them.

You create relationships that are characterized by Respect, Reciprocity and Restitution.

You're a Healthy & Empowering presence, doing your part to break the toxic cycle of oppressive power dynamics, clearing oppressive perceptions and ways of being for the coming generations.


You effortlessly build trust by communicating congruently and collaborating with others in a constructive manner; where others feel seen and heard, acknowledged and included.

Embodying Health & Empowerment in all 5 Facets of Being, looks like going...


...from Ego to Soul.
From separation to connectedness.
6961_10152308960960597_196189978_n 2.jpg


...from comparison, jealousy, competition to acknowledging uniqueness, individuation, differences in strengths.


...from being biased and condemning to being curious, compassionate and empathetic. From automatically reacting to consciously responding.


...from oppressive power dynamics of 'power over/under' to empowering and uplifting power dynamics of 'power from within' and 'power between'.


...from ineffective and toxic coping strategies of Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn to presence, observation and self-regulation - growing through and past triggers.

Basia 64 years, Canada

Seek out Helene's services if you have past experiences, past challenges that are weighing you down, and lack of confindence in your ability to achieve your full potential. 

Helene will provide you with the meaningful context and information to clear some of those blocks. She will help by being a conduit that helps clear those blocks. In such a humble way with so much authenticity. She provides good context that will really be transformational at so many levels from a personal development point of view.


I highly recommend seeking her services out if you are in midst of change, or you would like to change. Or if you would just like to have a better understanding of who you are, where you've come from and how to be supported in your next steps going forward in your life to meet your aspirations; career wise, relationship wise, time/money/freedom wise, health wise. And to just lead a life with more purpose and clarity for what you are meant to be doing.

You provide the openness, receptivity, willingness and courage. 

I provide the most effective Coaching modalities, Embodiment tools and Energy Healing to shift those oppressive patterns as quickly as possible. 


What is ready to be released will surface.  

Is it safe for you to let that happen? Is it time? Are you ready?

Core Benefits

We create spaciousness and silence for you to hear your inner wisdom and higher guidance.

Your way of being (your embodiment) shifts, naturally making you think, relate to and choose differently.

You organically show up differently in your relationships. You start radiating a different air, energy and mentality that humidifies the air around you.


You start exuding the new paradigm. Your sheer presence creates ripples in everyone you meet and in everything you do (although often unspoken).


You get to be the change you want to see in the world and access all your resources to make the changes you want to make in the world, in your relationships, in your lifestyle, in your work.

You will strengthen, become familiar with and intentionally use your innate resources, which are

your social, emotional, cognitive, executive competence needed for navigating the outer world.


your spiritual senses (inner sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, knowing, intuition) needed for navigating the inner world, connect with and co-operate with a higher love, wisdom and compassion.

You become a safe space for others. Not everyone will gravitate towards you, yet by your sheer presence you will add to a more Healthy and Empowering space. 

Anisa 40 years, Oman

I am noticing that I am changing my thought patterns to be better around self-worth and money. I am confident that when stuff will show up I will be able to deal with it and release it. I like that you are mirroring back to me what I am going through, asking me questions and offer different perspectives. It helps me reflect and move forward. The support between sessions is really valuable to keep the dialogue and progress going.

The 4 Month Program



Releasing the Ego

Taking an honest look on your embodied oppressive patterns and identities.  

We will discern which facet(s) are most affected and blocked, which will help us tailor our focus and efforts.

Practicing Ultimate Consciousness to enter the most resourced and restoring state to neutralize what's oppressive.

Reconnecting with Suppressed part(s)

Getting crystal clear on what is true and Soul-nourishing for you: your values, your core essence(s), your strengths, what you know you are here to do and be, and create goals that are in alignment with that.



Restoring you Full Self

As you take action towards your goals, the coaching supports you with momentum and progress, releasing blocks and doubt that show up, to enhance your faith and courage as you take aligned steps, integrating your True Self and True Path into your life.

Source-ing to tap into higher wisdom and guidance for taking the next best action, feeling safe enough to do so. 





Reclaiming the life you're meant to live

As we wind down our journey, we enhance your Embodiment by crystallizing this new way of being. The conscious effort is becoming unconscious competence, your new natural state.


We revisit the tools, practices most effective for you, so you have all you need to catch yourself when you slip back into old patterns, and know how to effectively release blocks and re-align so you stay on your True Path.

Janvi 34 years, England

I feel like I've made such progress in such a short time with you and we're only half way through!! I feel like a different person form when we started. I had breakthroughs and shifts in the areas of surrender, having healthy boundaries with others to protect my peace and energy and also speaking up more about my truth and my needs and wants. I find myself speaking up more and more and its becoming very natural. Being able to access past lives has also given me the information I need to make shifts on some of my subconscious beliefs. Learning to love myself more and understanding that unconditional love is not just me giving to others but also giving to myself. I am much more aware of what I am feeling, thinking and doing and am able to identify areas of healing quite quickly which is a massive positive!

I find the ongoing communication during the session and in between session really useful. It gives me a way to get to the root of the wound and also to link things up in the bigger picture. By saying it out loud or writing things in an email with amazing promoted questions from you I find myself quickly understanding things from a new perspective.


Bi-weekly 60 minute video calls.

Here is where we take the lid of what's most pressing, and take a look at what's really going on underneath (the root cause) that's causing the pressing matter (the symptoms). The session goal supports the overarching program goal. A session goal is a step. The program goal is a milestone. 

In between support.

24hour response time Monday to Friday. Benefit: The majority of the work takes place between sessions. You have access to me for sharing reflections, aha's, questions, which can be really valuable for keeping up momentum. 


2 Bonus Energy Healing sessions.

When we get to the Energetic Facet, and you feel like you've worked through a block on a mental and emotional level, and done all you can do, Energy Healing can really be helpful to clear the pattern/strategy/block fully and open up space for a healthy and empowering strategy to grow in its place. 


A personalized guide of core tools and practices that are most effective for you. 

By the end of the program, you'll receive a document containing tailor-made tools so you are set up for journey onwards.



Set aside at least 15 minutes before and after sessions to reflect on what goal you have for the session and to reflect on insights, realizations, shifts that occurred during the session. (move to contract)

Price: $3300 USD

Apply below to see if we're the highest best fit for working together

Choose Health & Empowerment Coaching

because coming home to yourself is what you're REALLY longing to experience

Kristine 32 years, Norway

She's been invaluable in my process. I've worked both on personal goals and artistic goals. She's helped me with my relationship with myself, how I talk to myself, what really matters to me. She's helped me in relationship with others, and with forging a deeper spiritual connection. She's been there, she's done her personal work, she knows what it's like standing in those deep, core-shifting processes. She's an amazing person, dedicated, professional, competent, top notch. Continuously building on her work and adding to her skills. 

Apply below to see if we're the best fit for working together
> 4 Months Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions a 60 minutes
> In-between support
> A Pe
rsonalized tools & practices Guide
> Bonus: 2 Energy Healing Session

Total Price: $3300 USD

Feedback from clients across the board

"Work with her if you're really ready and committed to do the deep work that it requires."

"She has amazing gifts and the way she uses them is so compassionate, so loving, so caring. She works with you, gently supporting you. She's not telling you what to do, but helps you figure it out for yourself, meeting you where you are, working with you."

"The space she provides is so safe. It's so easy to open up and be vulnerable and uncover what needs healing and to find clarity and motivation."

"It's been life changing."

"Helene is amazing. She'll take you places that you never thought you could go. You will have so much clarity and understanding of yourself."

"She's helped me let go of a lot of past experiences that were difficult to go through, and enabled me to release that in a way that helped me to grow personally, in a very meaningful way."

"She helped me understand that life can be more than a sucky past". 

"She gets information that is mind-blowing. That really is exactly what I need to hear, that shifts me. It brings clarity which opens up motivation to keep going." 

"I'm trusting myself, trusting the Universe, know that there are so many possibilities."

This is the True Spiritual Journey of Coming Home to your Soul, no muss, no fuss.

Grounded. Practical. Embodied. Creating Real Live Ripples

  • What Coaching is and isn't
    What Coaching is Coaching is about creating a safe space where you are able to access your own wisdom, witness and release your ego and blocks, and choose what’s nourishing to your soul. Coaching is the best method for drawing out your expertise on yourself, help you identify what’s true for you, what you really want and what the next steps are. Coaching is an equal partnership, devoid of power differentials. The Coach is an expert on how to work with your embodiment to create lasting desired change. You are the expert on you, how you make sense of the world, what isn't really you, and what is actually the aligned way of being and living for you. You know best the next steps you need. Coaching helps you access your innate wisdom, bring it to the forefront, trust and follow it. What Coaching isn't Coaching is not giving advice or telling you what to do, or fixing the problem for you. A Coach is not a savior or a rescuer that will magically make everything okay. Coaching is not about deeply analyzing wounds or prescribing a treatment plan. It's not about guiding you based on the coach's personal experience.
  • What's the difference between Coaching and Therapy, Consulting and Mentoring?
    Coaching and Therapy Coaching is about taking you from where you are now and moving you forward. Therapy often involves extensively examining your past to define how you got here in the first place. Coaching is focused on the present, what is here now and what you are moving towards. Coaching is future-focused, solution-oriented and action based. In coaching we will deal with what's showing up in the present and blocking you from moving forward. What's blocking you can be rooted in past experience. Rather than diving into the past and analyzing like a you would do in Therapy, in coaching we focus on releasing it and breaking the pattern, through changing neural pathways and taking aligned action. Finally, and foremost, coaches do not diagnose or treat any psychiatric disorders. There are some clients who benefit from working with both a therapist and a coach concurrently. Consulting Consulting is defining a problem and finding a solution for you whereas Coaching is about helping you to find a solution for yourself. Mentoring Mentoring is guiding you based on the Mentor's own experience. In Coaching the coach's personal experience is (for the most part) left out of the coaching space.
  • Is Coaching for me?
    Coaching is for you if you want to learn how to listen inwards and connect with your innate wisdom so you'll find the answers and clarity you need to make what you want happen. In my ICF Mentor Terri Upshaw-Hase's words: Successful coaching clients typically have just a few factors in common: 1. They are willing to ask questions and challenge their own perceptions. 2. They are willing to reveal the truth, learn from it, and take action. 3. They have a vision, although frequently clouded, of a better life. 4. They are reasonably high functioning people with a desire to grow into their best. 5. They are willing to try new thoughts, new habits, and be experimental. You choose me as your coach when you want to connect with your innate wisdom and your highest self, take full responsibility for your life, discern between the ego and the soul, choose your soul, step into your sovereignty and create the life meant for you by Divine Right.

Apply below to see if we're the best fit for working together
> 4 Months Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions a 60 minutes
> In-between support
Personalized tools & practices Guide
> Bonus: 2 Energy Healing Session

Total Price: $3300 USD

Jasmine 28 years, England

Coaching with Helene feels like coming home. It's the best way I can describe it. It's safe and warm and helped me to be really honest and realize that I had the power to make changes that were aligned, and not stay in circumstances that made me bitter. And now I'm doing all the things I was scared to do."

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